“Los Chivos” Enigma De Oro and Kayam

Los Chivos Enigma de Oro and Kayam

Weight: Combined weight of 440 lbs.

Height: both 5’10’’

Style: Lucha Libre rudos / American heels. Very fast paced and aggressive style wrestlers yet traditional in their attire and their wrestling holds.

Ring experience: 15 years+

Former opponents: The very best in the business; from Mil Mascaras to Eddie Guerrero.

Places were they’ve worked: Throughout the Mexican republic with CMLL and the Southwestern states in the U.S., and Canada.

Titles held: Various tag team titles and individual belts from numerous independent companies. Current WPW tag team champs.

Background: Second generation wrestlers. Their dad was the legendary Chivo Garcia.

Finishing holds: “ The Chivo Split” and “Goats Go Home”

Catch phrase: CATCH CHIVO POWER!!!

You can quote this: “The sky is the limit for us. Show us the spacecraft and we’ll fly the #!*% thing!”

Extra note: This team brings class, true grit and tradition to any company that invests in them. They are with no doubt the Tag Team of today!