The dynasty of the “Chivos” began over sixty years ago in Mexico City with the professional debut of our guys’ dad: Don Jesus “ El Chivo” Garcia. This career would shine brilliantly for the next forty years. His body of work included many wars with the top notch wrestlers of that golden era, including El Santo Sr., Gory Guerrero (Eddie’s dad), Cavernario Galindo, Blue Demon Sr., and many other classic shooters. He worked exclusively for La Empresa Luteroth, now CMLL, wrestling in the largest and most important venues in Mexico, including of course the legendary Arena Mexico. His bookings reached as far as Cuba, Central America, South America and the Southeastern states of the U.S. His illustrious career ended in the mid eighties, but not before passing the Chivo tourch to his boys, Pepe Ramirez, El Estudiante (best known as Enigma De Oro), and Kayam.

The eldest of the boys, Pepe Ramirez, who chose to use his mother’s maiden surname so not to be accused of riding on dad’s coat tails, began his wrestling endeavors in Juarez, Mexico. He gained a lot of attention as a masked baby face under the name of El Caballero Azul, but soon discovered that his calling was in the heels’ team. As a rudo, and minus the hood, he became the most dominant wrestler in the Northern part of Mexico and the Southwestern states of the U.S. In the late seventies he came to live permanently in California and was welcomed by the west coast wrestling fans. It was during this time that Papa Chivo began the grooming of the middle son to become the third Chivo.

He made his debut as El Estudiante, and like his brother, he first belonged to the tecnicos, but soon made the cross over to the “bad guys”. After several years of thorough preparation, the “new” Chivo was ready to join forces with dad and his older sibling. The trio of Chivos began to take charge and soon their fierce style of Lucha Libre became well known and respected by all. The team received a lot of recognition, but it was the youngest of the three that was getting a lot of attention from a very “Big Shot” from Mexico City.

Don Valente Perez was certainly a “Big Shot” because he happened to be the director and owner of the most popular and prestigious pro-wrestling magazine in Latin America. His weekly publication had launched the careers of such mega stars like El Solitario, Tinieblas, and the one and only, Mil Mascaras. Now, Perez was interested in converting El Estudiante into the next “Big Thing”: El Santo De Oro. A deal was promptly cut.

Perez took his new discovery to Mexico City to begin a feud that he hoped would culminate in a super match against the national hero, the legendary, El Santo. However legal complications denied Perez of his dream. The national athletic commission did not allow any wrestler to borrow the “Santo” name or image. El Santo De Oro was ordered to change his name if he expected to be issued a license. Thus, Enigma De Oro. Perez had him keep the “ De Oro” just to remind the fans about the original moniker.

Yet the war of the “Santos” never materialized because the silver masked icon went into retirement and his junior at that time was too green to put his mask at stake against a very ambitious Enigma De Oro. In the huge arena of El Toreo De Cuatro Caminos, Enigma would have to settle for the high flying Batman as his opponent in a mask vs. mask match. Enigma won and his career soared.

While Enigma was scoring big in the “majors,” his youngest brother was doing the same in the “minors”. Kayam was becoming a favorite new comer in the SoCal area. To follow tradition, he too enlisted to the tecnicos as a rookie. In a trip to Los Angeles, Enigma made sure his little brother “saw the light” and brought him over to the rudos. With the new addition to the Chivo Team, everything simply clicked.

With Papa Chivo as their manager the three brothers were a mean fighting machine as unstoppable as a locomotive with no brakes. Their momentum was briefly halted though, when Pepe was forced to retire due to a life threatening neck and back injury. However the biggest blow to the Chivo Clan was the passing of Papa Chivo, the creator and inspiration of the team.

Now reduced to a two man tag team Enigma DeOro and Kayam sharpened their stuff and got meaner and tougher. For the past fifteen years this pair of Evil Chivos have held up high the tradition of their family. They bring class and true grit to all the rings they step into. They have plans to invade the rings of the Big Federations here in the U.S. As Kayam says, “The sky’s the limit. Just show us the aircraft and we’ll fly the #$%@ thing!”